What is Home Staging?

When you get ready to place your home on the market for sale it becomes a product.  Similar to a product on the shelf at your local store, the product has features and benefits as well as pluses and minuses, and competition.  To compete with the competition in the marketplace you must be priced right and look better than the other products.  Homes are no different: yours is one of many homes for sale and you must present it to the buyers in the best possible light.

Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale, regardless of price or location.  This unique system has proven to help sell homes faster and/or for more money.  Real estate agents will have great confidence in showing your home to potential buyers because they know it is Staged and ready to be sold.

As an Accredited Staging Professional™, I have the best interest of the homeowner in mind, wanting to have the home showcase at its best and providing an objective opinion.

Home Staging Services are:

  • Staging Consultations
  • Staging Service - preparing homes for sale
  • De-cluttering and Organizing
  • New Homeowner Move In
  • Staging to Live

Are you ready for your Home Staging?


Next Steps...

If you or someone you know is considering buying, selling, home staging or leasing, I am happy to provide a real estate consultation.  Use my expertise to work for you!